How do you know The Grow Beyond Organic    Permaculture Yogi Regenerative Living
Permaculture Design Course, Herbal Healing 
& Yoga Retreat Is For You?

* Would you like to rediscover how to lead a regenerative lifestyle that diminishes the impact of destruction of the planet and resources? 

* Are you tired of agricultural laws not making progress fast enough to protect our precious super-foods and medicinal biodiversity from genetic engineering?

* Are you feeling perplexed by the food and medical systems, which keeps us sick and dependent on artificial patented medicine, GMO’s, and Bio-technology?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to take your first step, with the Grow Beyond Organic Permaculture Yogi RL-PDC & Retreat

Healers, health and green life enthusiast of various modalities such as the ones listed below will benefit from this training by extending their healing abilities onto the planet and it's people. 

* Wellness/Health/Sustainability Enthusiast 
* Yoga Teachers
* Acupuncturist
* Energy healer
* Living foods chef's
* Nutritionist
* Fitness Trainers
* Health Coaches
* Massage Therapist
* Naturopaths
* Alternative Health Care Practitioners
* Gardeners & builders looking for earth friendly training on design efficiency

If you are ready to be part of the local solution to counteract the global problem of climate, environmental & health depletion then the Permaculture Yogi RL-PDC is for you. 



The Permaculture Yogi PDC has touched many lives. Below you can read the testimonials of some of our students who have completed RL-PDC. 

Jeremy Ho-On

Permaculture Yogi RL-PDC Graduate
Yoga Teacher
 Marando Organic Farm Manager 
Blogger at Gaia's Student 


"The Permaculture Yogi Design Course opened me up to a whole new world of understanding all the possible ways to connect and to heal Mama Earth"

I can't thank you enough,
Angie Gonzalez !

The Permaculture Design Course we just completed has opened me up to a whole new world of awareness & understanding of all the possibilities we have to connect and heal Mama Earth.

To anybody thinking of taking the Permaculture Yogi design course I HIGHLY recommend it.

You'll learn invaluable tools and connect with a massive community of Gaia Warriors to help change the world for the better! Aho!


Kelsey Cavanagh 

Permaculture Yogi RL-PDC Graduate,
Yoga teacher
 Reiki Master
Shamanic Healer 

"Now I am inspired greatly to regenerate the Earth, care for the people and heal through local organic foods and medicines every day"

Through taking the PDC and learning in the classroom and in the garden, the more inspired I became.

I started to realize that there were ways of living in community where stress is reduced, as is waste, and every action taken is with love and selfless service (just what I'm all about)!

Now I am inspired greatly to regenerate the Earth, care for the people and the Earth, as well as heal through local organic foods and medicines, and have fun doing it every day!


Jennifer Clark

Permacultureyogi RL-PDC graduate,
Yoga Teacher
Education Counselor 

"Taking this course has changed the way I look at the planet and my relationship to and with it."

After the Permacultureyogi RL- PDC, where ever I am now I observe my environment with a permie mind, looking at ecological patterns; interactions of plants, insects, animals and birds; checking for wind and sun patterns, water systems and a regenerative culture.

The principles of permaculture are valuable to an environmentally conscious, nutrition centric mind – it demonstrates how humans can be a part of the planetary system as an asset. 

Now I'm able to share what I have learned in a way that creates access to new ways of living.


Course & Retreat Breakdown:

Permaculture is more than a gardening system it is a way of life and with in the permaculture movement there has been a rise of intentional communities who share living quarters and who live harmoniously in co-housing operations that puts to use many of our permaculture principles.

One example principle is integrate rather than segregate

The intention during our course is to experience the spirit of social permaculture and this more integrated way of sharing resources with in a community, the idea during our meal breaks is to prepare healthful meals as a group and exchange recipes, tips and kitchen tricks while we have fun living communally for the 10 days. 

This will be a great opportunity to learn from and support each other in class and create working teams as we live a permaculture lifestyle. 

We will also have time for a balanced flow of activities.

Daily Schedule:

Yoga & Meditation
6 :00 am - 7:00 am 

Get Ready For The Day 
7:00 am - 8:00 am 

8:00am - 9:30 am 

PDC Class Time
 Part 1

9:30am - 1:00 pm 

Lunch Break In Between Class Time 
1:00pm - 2:30pm

PDC Class Time
 Part 2 
2:30 pm - 7:00 pm
7:00pm - 8:30 pm 

Evening Relax 
Leisure, Art, Healing & Music Circles 

8:30pm - 10:00pm 

Bed Time 

Rise & Shine

Do it all over... 


Introductions & Group Agreements Followed By Welcome Pot Luck Dinner 


Module 1. 
World Challenges Are Permaculture Opportunities 
Permaculture Living Design Principles 


Module 2. 
The Web Of Life 
Gaia Theory
Nature & Life As Novelty
The Trophic Pyramid Energy Distribution 
Bio - Diversity / Eco-tones
Stacked functions


May 16th 
Module 3. 

Pattern Lenguage 
Design Process 

Site & Sector Analysis 
Design Zones

Maping Overlays 

Module 4. 
Managment Of 
Divine Water
Soil Life 
Earth Works
Sacred Biological Resources


Module 5.
Forest Dynamics 
Food Forestry
Natural Farming
Re-Greening Our Lungs 
Reforesting Our Patios, Lawns, Citys & Curbsides


Module 6.
Regenerative Energy
Appropiate Technology
Heating & Cooling
By The Sun & Shade
As We Build From The Earth


Module 7.
Strategies For An Alternative Paradigm
Non Violent Comunication 
Council & Consencus 
Integrating Permaculture at Social & Financial Levels

Group Design Assignment Project Begins


Group Design Project Cont 


 Group Design Project 
Group Presentation    & Graduation Ceremony 


Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”
Chief Seattle

Bonus Hands-On Practices

Extra Curricular Activities. 
Food, preservation   culturing, pickling  & fermenting foods

Identifying Wild Medicinal's Herb Walks 

Herbal Medicine Making 101 

Ayurvedic Food Healing

Group Healing, Song & Meditation Circle 

Facilitator, Venue &  Location 

The course will run for 10 intensive days from April 9th - April 17th with an optional and suggested evening check in on April 8th (please look at schedule above) 

Main Facilitator: 
Angie Rainbow G
+ Guest Teachers 

Angie Rainbow G is committed to guiding Holistic Healers and upcoming  Game Changers to ¨green¨ their lifestyle, from the inside out.

She is a  Regenerative Lifestyle Design Specialist drawing from her experience as a
Permaculture Designer
& Facilitator, Yogic Healer
& Ayurvedic Herbalist
& Practitioner

Through her teachings, the need to care for the Earth as part of an integral preventative health care regime is highly emphasized.

Angie teaches health and wellness that is created from the root cause, the homeostasis of the living GAIA better known as Mother Earth.

Guest facilitaors will be invited to give special presentations, talks and or to demonstrate a practice in any given particular subject of their expertise. 


We Visit The Most Avanguard Permaculture Communities Throught Out Florida

Course investment: $1,997 

We will provide access to a bounty of local farm fresh veggies & fruits as well as common vegan health staples occupied to prepare wholesome healthy vegan and vegetarian meals such as quinoa, brown rice, chia, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, miso, pecans, almonds, cashew nuts, nut butters, sprouted toast, organic jelly, himalayan salt, cacao powder, water & milk kefir, grass fed eggs, farm fresh goat cheese & milk, nutritional yeast, herbal teas, coconut & olive oil, condiments etc.  


Registration & Investment
PDC Education 
Yoga Retreat
*** May be completed 
in 4 payments of 499.25 

Perma Practices:

The program is a training that will go through a methodical but flexible syllabus that adapts to the group and diverse learning types & styles. 

As part of the course we will also engage in extracurricular activities & we will have many field trips to demonstration/  practice site.

The Permaculture Yogi
Grow Beyond Organic RL-PDC Design Course 


 RL- PDC Graduate Benefits & Outcomes 

Many students who graduate from a permaculture design course will take the knowledge to incorporate into their practice and integrate it with in their own field of expertice as a complimentary practice. 

 Below are some examples of how students have incorporated their current practice with permaculture design.

  • Living food Chefs & Nutrition Coaches...
    May offer farm to table meals as part of their services increasing the value of their offerings. They may provide or suggest sources of locally grown garden foods and garden grown medicinal plants for increased nutrition and health. 
  • Yoga Teachers... 
    May encourage their students to develop a relationship with mother earth, by holding yoga classes in local edible garden facility’s out in naure or simply educating students on becoming part of the local food movement to compliment their yoga lifestyle. 
  • Alternative Health Care Practitioners ... 
    Can now educate their clients on how caring for the land and living with in an abundant and supportive healing environment can support their vitality and state of inner radiance. By bringing the sphere of outer ecology to an inner ecology ractice we bring unity and completion. 
  • Parents Of Young Children...  
    Can highly benefit from this experience since raising children who are directly connected to their food source &  who have experienced planting a seed and then eating what grows from it have been shown to grow up much healthier eaters. 
  • Graduates...
    Graduates may go off and complete internships abroad on eco-villages or eco-farms to further their skills in this vast field, with a higher chance of being pre approved due to PDC recognition.This will be just the beggining of a lifetime of exploration and learning with in this growing field. Skills in permaculture design are increasing in demand as we realize the shortcomings of the modern era and the necesity to adapt to a changing enfvironment. 
  • Permaculture Design Practitioners...
    Who graduate from this program may start a local community garden or transform their own back yard, or balcony into a productive garden, growing edible and medicinal goods where they reside while they save thousands of dollars on organic food per year, as prices of organic foods will rise do to increased demand but limited production. You will grow beyond organic ! Permies can also provide public talks and showcase their edible, medicinal and wild life sanctuary to neighbors, family, friends or students as they practice and educate others spreading the permaculture way of life.